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Metal Detecting

About Me & My Metal Detecting Hobby

Metal Detecting is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. Regardless if I find treasure or not, I have a great time on every hunt.

My dad and both grandpas metal detected for as long as I can remember. In the early 1980s in Indiana, my dad would bring me along and rig me up with an analog needle Whites machine.

We moved to Northern Virginia in the mid 80’s which exposed us to Civil War relics. I would join my dad when I wasn’t busy with kid stuff. We moved to southern California in the mid 90s. School, life, and marriage took priority until about early 2000s when I realized how much I missed the hobby. I purchased an Ace 350, hit the dry sand, and found a ring my second time out. I ended up getting an Excalibur and a Sovereign and became a “wet sand” detectorist. In more recent times I purchased a MineLab Equinox 800 and Vanquish 540.

I travel frequently for work, and my metal detector is with me most of the time. I detect instead of watching TV in a hotel room. Throughout the year, I’ll visit multiple states.

I hope you enjoy my YouTube videos!

Metal Detecting

My Favorite YouTube Channel Comments

"First time watching your channel, enjoyed it very much. You are fun to watch. Congrats on your finds!!!"

– youtube user

"That's the kind of hunt dreams are made of!"

– youtube user

"What an amazing video with all that loot, congrats!"

– youtube user

"I like the fact that your hunts are real. I always look forward to Saturday mornings!"

– youtube user

Metal Detectors I Like to Use

Minelab Equinox 800

This metal detector is an excellent all-around machine. I use it primarily when I’m at local beaches.

Minelab Vanquish 540

This metal detector is a great value with multiple features. I use this metal detector when I travel because its compact and travels well.

Metal Detecting at Local Beaches

Gregg travels up the coast of Southern California to find gold, coins, and lost treasures.
He also visits other states throughout the country doing park and field hunts for old coins, Civil War relics, and Colonial finds.